All New Click 160, the latest AT sports car that comes with the concept “Being ahead… like the alpha”. The model is outstanding with a new design around the car, the designed lines on the vehicle provide a full sporty mood. The lighting system of Click 160 is all new design LED lights as well. In addition, this Honda model is equipped with the new eSP+ 4-valve 157CC engine, which is the best technology in AT sports cars. The new lightweight frame eSAF provides agility to the model, and the ABS brakes on the front wheels and front disc brakes provides confidence for the drivers. Honda SMART Key, a smart remote key, adds more convenience with the function of starting the engine without a key. The front storage compartment comes with a backup charger via USB Type A and a larger storage compartment under the seat with a capacity of up to 18 liters. 

There are 2 trims available for the All New Click 160.

  • Standard 
    -available in 3 colors: Magnetic Black, White-Black Crystal White and Red-Black Furious Red
    -Suggested price at 63,500 Baht 
  • ABS 
    -available in 2 colors: Magnetic Black and White-Black Crystal white
    -Suggested price at 69,900 Baht
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