LEXUS unveils electric vehicles and luxury cars

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, held a press conference to officially open the Lexus booth under the concept of “Amazingly Electrified” through the presentation of state-of-the-art technology that combines the art of design which is unique and exquisite in every detail. This includes superior Japanese culture-based customer service (Omotenashi). Various Lexus luxury models are now on display with special promotions at the Bangkok event International 43rd Motor Show, which takes place at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani from March 23 to April 3, 2022.

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President, said, “Customers are invited to experience Lexus Electrified vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV). The cutting-edge technologies of Lexus exhibit under the concept of “Amazingly Electrified” reflecting the image of modernity in line with the core philosophy of the brand. It is the sophistication and attention to detail that still retain the luxury of Lexus for everyone and to show that Lexus has stepped into a new “chapter” as a luxury automotive brand. The aim is to be the technology leader of the future with the Lexus Electrified electric vehicle that is recognized by customers around the world. In addition, everyone will experience the Electrified Corner, which presents stories of the development of Lexus electric vehicles. There is also a Lexus Tech Guru, a Lexus Electrified expert who is ready to provide knowledge and answer questions about electric vehicles. There are also many special offers at the event that should not be missed.

In addition, customers can experience the Lexus KINTO One Experience on the latest Lexus model, a service from Toyota Leasing Thailand providing a one-year private car rental service with all expenses included. For the new Lexus IS and Lexus UX, both models have included 15% of all expenses which makes it less expensive than a hire purchase price. Those who are interested can visit the booth for an exclusive experience under the theme Experience Amazing”

Highlighted cars on display at the event

LEXUS NX 450h+ and NX 350h luxury crossovers

Lexus NX (Nimble Crossover) is one of the best-selling luxury crossover models from Lexus in Thailand. The Lexus NX has received excellent feedback from customers all over the world for its agile driving performance, sleek and distinctive design. In addition, customers will also receive a 10-year Lithium hybrid battery warranty with unlimited mileage.

Selling price
NX 350h [Hybrid]

  • Luxury model for 3,240,000 baht
  • Grand Luxury model for 3,390,000 baht

NX 450h+ [Plug-in Hybrid]
Grand Luxury model for 3,590,000 baht
Premium model for 3,870,000 baht
Model F SPORT for 4,320,000 baht

The Lexus UX 300e (Urban Crossover) is the first electric vehicle under the “LEXUS ELECTRIFIED” brand. It is a 100 percent electric vehicle (PURE-EV) with no engine and no gasoline. There are no CO2 emissions. It can generate up to 150 kW (201 hp) of power. Customers can own a Lexus UX 300e today with a 10-year battery warranty and unlimited mileage including free installation of the Lexus Wall Charger at home. The selling price is 3,490,000 baht (including VAT).

Lexus RX, the “Unbounded Pleasure”
Lexus RX (Radiant Crossover) is a world-class luxury crossover that has been trusted by customers around the world for more than 23 years in the history of the Lexus brand. It has proven from sales of more than 3 million units worldwide. A sleek design that fits perfectly makes it even more outstanding. Customers can be confident throughout the journey with cutting-edge safety technology. An exclusive promotion is available when making a reservation for a Lexus RX 300 at the event to get free 1st class insurance and LEXUS EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE (conditions are as specified by the company).

Selling price
RX 300

  • Luxury model for 4,250,000 baht
  • Premium model for 4,750,000 baht
  • F SPORT model for 5,360,000 baht

RX 350

  • F SPORT model for 6,860,000 baht


  • Premium model for 7,650,000 baht

Lexus IS 300h, the ultimate luxury sports sedan Lexus IS (Intelligent Sport) is a luxury rear-drive sedan that has been popular with customers all over the world. It is distinguished by its sleek and sporty design. A powerful performance makes it well responsive while driving on the road and excellent for acceleration. This is our determination to go beyond the limits of the original driving performance. The selling price is only 2.69 million baht. Exclusively on this event when making a reservation on Lexus IS 300h, customers will get 1st class insurance and a LEXUS EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE for free (conditions are as specified by the company).

Selling price

  • Luxury model 2,690,000 baht
  • Premium model 3,370,000 baht
  • F SPORT model 3,890,000 baht

Lexus ES “Refine Your Journey” สุนทรียภาพใหม่แห่งการเดินทาง
Lexus ES “Refine Your Journey” a new aesthetic of travel

Lexus ES (Executive Sedan) is a medium-sized luxury sedan that is widely accepted for its outstanding driving smoothness and quietness. The uniqueness of the Lexus cabin is different from other luxury cars. The Lexus ES shows more refined design with new headlights that match with the Spindle Grille which perfectly match its spacious cabin. Exclusively at the event when making a reservation for a Lexus ES 300h, customers will receive a free LEXUS EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE.

Selling price
ES 300h

  • Luxury model for 3,625,000 baht
  • Grand Luxury model for 3,795,000 baht
  • Premium model for 4,210,000 baht
  • F SPORT model for 4,380,000 baht

Lexus LM – The best of luxury vans Leading luxury vehicles
Lexus’ latest minivan, the LM (Luxury Mover), combines creativity and elegance, innovation, and high technology to provide ultimate comfort. The cabin is specially designed for the 4-seater version, giving the customers the feeling of being in a first-class cabin. It is equipped with a massage system that can be adjusted in 7 different ways. There is also a 7-seater version that offers complete utility, making every trip more special than ever.

Selling price

  • Lexus LM300h Executive 7-seater for 5,500,000 baht
  • Lexus LM300h Executive 4-seater for 6,500,000 baht

Experience the new Lexus services with the KINTO ONE and KINTO Experience.
“The First Step to Experience Amazing”
The new generation customers who are looking for the convenience of using a vehicle can enjoy an online service for long-term private car rental for 3 years. Customers will be able to use a new car without paying a down payment, but still be able to get a full service of the package.

Models with KINTO ONE service include:

  • ES Grand Luxury model, starting price 65,960 baht
  • IS Luxury model, starting price 43,000 baht
  • UX Grand Luxury model, starting price 43,920 baht
  • UX300e model, starting price 65,960 baht
Models with KINTO ONE EXPERIENCE service include:
  • ES Grand Luxury model, starting price 49,990 baht, limited for 10 units only
  • UX Grand Luxury model, starting price 39,990 baht, limited for 10 units only
Those who are interested in this service can get more information at the Lexus booth or visit our website at or Kinto Call Center 02-386-3888.

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