Lexus NX (Nimble Crossover), one of the best-selling luxury crossover models from Lexus Thailand, comes with agile driving performance. With its sleek and distinctive design, the Lexus NX is well received by customers worldwide with cumulative sales of more than 1 million vehicles.

Last year was an important step for Lexus to offer customers a new option through the NX 450h+ and plug-in hybrid system. The model received good feedback from customers with cumulative bookings of more than 503 vehicles since the launch. The NX 450h+ is equipped with a new exciting driving performance of a 2,500CC in-line 4-cylinder engine that works together with a high-capacity 18.1 kW lithium-ion battery and high-power motor. It can travel up to 87 km on electric power (NEDC standard) with a 100% charge in just 2.5 hours. The 4-Wheel Drive system of the vehicle makes driving performance exciting, silence and fuel economy. Furthermore, the NX 450h+ also comes with Battery Charging Mode that charges the battery until it’s 80% charged, so you can run with the EV system without needing to find a charging station along the way. Make life easier when traveling long distances.

In addition, the NX comes with a sporty, sleek and modern exterior design. It comes with SPINDLE GRILLE front grille and L-shaped rear lights dragging along the width of the car in accordance with the new Lexus logo. The interior is designed to put the driver at the center of the car’s control. For good visibility and easy control, various technologies such as the Head-up Display screen which the command can be done by the touch switch on the steering wheel and a large 14-inch screen that responds accurately control the operation of various systems, are introduced for the ease and convenience. With the GA-K (Global Architecture-K Platform) structure, the car is larger and wider resulting in a low center of gravity, excellent balance, and easy control as you wish. All qualifications make the NX the model with the better driving stability in every dimension. It is reinforcing the Lexus driving signature philosophy. The NX also provides confidence throughout the journey with superior and complete safety technology such as LEXUS SAFETY SYSTEM PLUS (LSS+). The highlight of the new function is LEXUS TEAMMATE ADVANCE PARK, an intelligent parking assistance system that can automatically guide the car into the parking space by itself. Besides, there is E-LATCH, an electronic door lock system which allows the door to work more softly, no need to force or push to open the door. It provides Lexus typical unrivaled comfort.

Own a Lexus NX today receives a 10-year lithium hybrid battery warranty with unlimited mileage.

Price (including VAT)

NX 350h [Hybrid]

  •  Luxury 3,240,000 baht
  • Grand Luxury 3,390,000 baht

NX 450h+ [Plug-in Hybrid]

  • Grand Luxury 3,590,000 baht
  • Premium 3,870,000 baht
  • F SPORT 4,320,000 baht
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