BMW R 18 B

R18B, the new look of BMW’s gorgeous touring bike that meets the demands of long-distance travel.

BMW R 18 B is the model that perfectly combines luxury and style together. It comes with a powerful “Big Boxer” engine at the heart of the classic chassis which is inspired by the long history of BMW Motorrad.

As a fully bagger motorcycle, BMW R 18 B owns simple and dynamic looks which are indispensable to a pannier bag which is designed to match well with the headlight cover. The Double-walled steel construction, 24-liter drop-shaped oil tank, and exposed shaft with double lines color decoration of the model reflects the uniqueness of popular touring and cruiser motorcycles. And with a double-sided swingarm and cantilever beam, the solid body structure from the legendary BMW R 5 is perfectly transported to the present day.

The heart of the R 18 B is the so-called 2-cylinder “Big Boxer” engine, which is considered the most powerful inline 2-cylinder engine in the general motorcycle industry. The engine has a 1,802CC capacity delivering a maximum power of 67kW (91Hp) at 4,750 rev/min and a maximum torque of 158Nm at 3,000rpm, together with a powerful propulsion and a throbbing engine sound.

On the subject of chassis, it is a two-layer steel structure with the main axis parts formed from steel plates. It is also characterized by high production standards and refinement in details. The telescopic suspension works in conjunction with a swingarm mounted directly on the cantilever beam with adjustable spring viscosity and compression settings in order to control the wheels made from superb lightweight alloy materials precisely and comfortably. The rear beam can be adjusted for viscosity, and it also comes with an automatic load compensation system which supplies the superior driving experience. The brake system of this model comes in the form of dual disc brakes on the front and a single disc brake on the rear, which both work in conjunction with 4-piston fixed calipers and ABS system.

In addition, the model is also equipped with standard equipment such as DCC (Dynamic Cruise Control) electronic driving system and ACC (Active Cruise Control) driving system with analog gauges. The four round gauges are equipped in order to create a perfectly classic feeling. A 10.25-inch TFT display and smartphone connection support via the BMW Connected App functions are equipped in order to enhance the ease of use and display driving information. Besides, the Marshall Gold Series Stage 1, which consists of 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers, is also equipped.

Selling price: 1,500,000 Baht (including VAT).

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