Suzuki Carry X Jumtla Campiness,a multi-purpose pickup truck, has been created to fulfill all the campers’ dream with a motorhome experience and inspire every truck business to come true.

Suzuki Carry has been converted to a motorhome, which currently the motorhome market in Thailand is expanding continuously. 

With the high demand of consumers during the Covid19 pandemic, customers would prefer to use a motorhome to go on a trip and still be able to work outside. At the same time, customers adapted to start a food truck business from motorhome cars, therefore, so many people choose  food trucks to start a business and combine them to be a motor home as well.

Suzuki Carry has a body size that can be modified in  various ways. The dimensions of the car are 4,195 mm in length, 1765 mm in width and 1910 mm in height. The car is made from galvanized steel reinforced sheet and has anti-rust properties which helps reduce corrosion. 

The storage area has increased with the width of 1,670 mm and length of 2450 mm in which can be opened on 3 sides for more convenient loading and unloading of luggage and also supports a wide variety of applications. It can carry up to 945 kg of payload. The selling price starts at only 385,000 baht. For anyone interested in getting a motorhome similar to the Suzuki Carry x Jumtla, kindly contact any Suzuki dealers in all branches across the country (The Suzuki Carry x Jumtla final price including all decoration is about only at  8 hundred thousand baht.)

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