Meet the latest 2 imported car decoration sets from Eton Group, Black Pearl Complete and Rojam, at the Motor Show 2022

ETON Group imported two accessories brands directly from Japan for those who love the decoration sets to experience and purchase at the Motor Show. The first decoration set debuted from the Eton Group is ‘Black Pearl Complete’ which has been popular among Japanese fans. The set is designed to match the vehicle’s appearance with luxurious, distinctive and modern design. It also enhances safety with LED headlights and taillights. The skirt is designed to be higher from the ground. The set was designed by a designer under the concept of “Galaxy” inspired by the figures of Gundam robots reflecting its black pearl style like a fighter. 

At the event, ETON Group displayed a popular luxury MPV like Alphard with the latest auto decoration set “Black Pearl Galaxy” with a new design of a front skirt under the Gundam concept that comes with LED headlights presenting a smart,  modern, and outstanding style.

Alphard, the MPV that covers all the users’ needs and utilities, whether you fancy to use it as a family or an executive car, comes with a unique Japanese design from Japan. The exterior represents a mighty chassis while the interior is luxuriously decorated in VIP style. This is a great opportunity for you to experience various models and colors of imported cars at the event. 

The second one is a top hit decoration set from ‘ROJAM’, a renowned brand from Japan. Its unique design under the concept of ‘Celebrity Style’ representing the identity of a person who likes car styling impresses and attracts worldwide users, and makes ‘ROJAM’ popular in Japan and all over the world. The highlight of this event that all the visitors will get to see is an SUV ‘All New Harrier’ fully decorated with Rojam accessories. 

At the event, Eton Group also unveiled an imported car that many people have been waiting for which is MINI MPV ‘New Voxy 2022’ with a major upgrade and new innovations together with various features. It is a real family car with a compact size and unique box-shape design that meet the needs of a medium-sized family. It has a unique look with a unique box shape. At the present, Eton Group is regarded as the first dealer of Thailand who imports the model for Thai customers to experience. 

In addition, visitors will also be able to experience an electric vehicle like Serena E-Power, a popular MINI MPV in Japan, closely at the motor show. 

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