Honda City Hatchback One Make Race 2022 at 4 racetracks 

GPI Motorsport had received great feedback when they launched a big project of Honda City One Make Race to encourage motorsport industry in Thailand together with developing the skills and potential of Thailand racing team during the past year. This year, Honda will be displaying its automubiles along with distributing cars for use in the competition. It also comes with new sticker designs that was redesigned by Dang Sticker, a well-known sticker creator for cars, to provide a sporty and agile look to the car. 

The 4 racetracks are as follows:

Round 1 : 13 -15 May at Bira International Circuit

Round 2 : 22-24 July at Chang International Circuit

Round 3 : 20-21 Aug at Chang International Circuit

Round 4: 19-23 October at PT Prachuap Street Circuit

Come and experience real racing cars at GPI Motorsport booth, Challenger Hall 1 (Door 1), opposite to Yamaha booth from March 23 until 3 April. You can also follow us on the followinsg pages:

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