Ninja ZX-10R, one of the strongest super sport bikes from the Kawasaki family with the degree of 6-time World Superbike Championship, comes with 998 cc engine performance that will fill your journey with excitement by its acceleration and torque. Be the owner of this sleek and sporty bike with a starting price of 859,000 baht. 

Continuing with recognised performance to maintain its title in World Superbikes, the Ninja ZX-10R has proven its championship-winning performance. It also provides a fabulous experience for users to go beyond their limits in the race track. To upgrade its potential in the competition, its chassis has undergone a number of modifications together with higher revs and new lighter pistons.

Ninja ZX-10RR is built on top of the recognized performance with new appearance. Its aerodynamic performance has been greatly improved and equipped with new features such as electronic cruise control and a TFT full-color display that can be connected to a smartphone to enhance your riding pleasure.

  The Ninja ZX-10RR’s inline-four engine has a displacement of 998 A powerful liquid-cooled four-stroke engine offers an amazing balance between power and control. Its maximum torque allow the rider to return to the accelerator more easily while being in the low-medium revs. The powerful acceleration helps rider get out of the curve swiftly in a timely manner. It comes with finger follower valves and has been improved based on the recommendation of the Kawasaki Factory Racing Team from the WSB tv show leading to a peak power of 181 hp. It is also powered up with a full system of racing exhaust. To update some details for the 2021 model, the bike has been improved its cooling efficiency to meet Euro 5 emissions standards while maintaining its engine performance to be easy to control. 

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