The Royal Enfield Himalayan was launched in the year 2016 with the aim of creating a unique motorcycle and able to use in road conditions. As a new sub-model under the adventure touring category, Himalayan is considered to be a very successful motorcycle.

 The group of Himalayan riders around the world continues to grow. Over the past 6 years,  the Himalayan has become an adventure touring motorcycle. The Himalayan comes in three brand-new colors: New Granite Black (a mix of matte and gloss), Mirage Silver and Pine Green, in addition to the three main colors which are Rock Red, Lake Blue and Gravel Gray. There is a switch to turn the ABS system on and off when going through all terrain and also a Tripper, a Turn-By-Turn (TBT) navigation system, all of which make the car more versatile and more comfortable to ride.

The Himalayan is simple but highly versatile in terms of design. The Royal Enfield is inspired by more than 50 years of Himalayan motorcycling experience. Its core features have made the Himalayan well-received by riders all over the world. Today, the Himalayan is well-known as a high performance adventure vehicle within the group of world-class motorcycle experts including being on the cover of the world’s leading automotive magazines and considered one of Royal’s premier motorcycles. Royal Enfield is available in many regions such as Europe, America, Latin America and Southeast Asia. In upgrading the original Himalayan that stood out for versatility and power, Royal Enfield has added the Royal Enfield Tripper, a real-time navigation display on the vehicle with Google Maps built-in. It can connect to the rider’s smartphone via the ‘Royal Enfield’ app. 

Himalayan enthusiasts are also inspiring the brand to make improvements in aesthetics as well as internal upgrades in order to enhance the Himalayan riding experience. The new upgrade retains the same distinctive features, but increases safety with a switchable anti-lock brake system. This allows the rider to have a better control of the vehicle.

The new Himalayan comes in 3 new colors Granite Black, Mirage Silver and Pine Green, in addition to the original 3 colors, Rock Red, Lake Blue and Gravel Gray,  and it is ready for Thai riders to test drive and reserve at a starting price of 189,700 baht.

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