Black Badge Ghost, a new model from Rolls-Royce with a starting price of 37.9 million baht regarded as the highest price in the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show, comes with an aesthetic and agile style. Through innovative craftsmanship, it is well selected in materials with a distinctive and bold new design. It is designed as simplicity under Post Opulent design philosophy that reinvents the legend of Ghost and breaks all rules by its black body color.

For the interior design, it is embellished with various luxurious and innovative materials which are meticulously handcrafted to create a unique atmosphere under Post Opulent design philosophy together with a sophisticated yet delicate weave carbon fibres which are created in diamond pattern from our experienced craftsmen team.

The Black Badge’s front shows the “spirit of Ecstasy” symbol that uses black chromium material with a high-gloss finish to blend in with the rest of the design adding a solemn appearance to the car. It is powered by a 6,750 cc twin-turbocharged V12 engine specially developed for the Ghost model, producing 563 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque, and helping the vehicle with more than 2 tons accelerate in all situations. Its maximum torque is 1600 rev / min, which is higher than when you start the engine without moving about 600 rev / min. The intake pipe is redesigned to reduce the noise that may disturb people in the cabin, combining with the softness like a magic carpet ride from Planar suspension system which collaborates between the mechanisms and electronic systems for maximum comfort.

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