Lamina Films unveils Lamina Digital EV Boost concept for 2022 Motor Show

Lamina Films pushes forward into the smart electric vehicle market with the Lamina Digital EV Boost, a digital boost film for hybrid/EV vehicles. It comes with excellent heat insulating properties that help to reduce the electricity consumption for the air conditioning system and the engine. Lamina Films is well prepared for the upcoming electric vehicle market, which is expected to overtake the old vehicle market this year.
Ms. Channapha Saisamorn, Chief Executive Officer, Techno Sell (Frey) Company Limited, is the sole importer and distributor of automotive and building tinting films, Lamina. As a special group of films under the name “Lumar”. A high-quality product is manufactured by CP Film Inc., an Eastman Chemical Company from the United States, and Thule, a cargo carrier from Sweden.

This also includes a wide range of car care products provided by “Allux” with an excellent quality from the United States. She claims that the hybrid car, electric vehicle (EV), and smart car markets are expected to outperform the automotive industry this year, as a result of the global automotive industry’s consistent growth.

It was also discovered that the government sector tends to support the industry in the same direction as the private sector. In the middle of this year, the issuance of support measures is expected to be clear and ready to start operations. As a result, manufacturers of other automotive-related products must also adjust to meet consumer demand.

“We specialize in the new automotive business for Lamina Film because CP Film Inc. in the United States has a long history with this group of cars, resulting in continuous development of new products, such as Lamina Digital EV Boost, a digital Boost filter film that we launched for the first time in Thailand at the Bangkok 43rd International Motor Show.”

Lamina Digital EV Boost will be the fifth series of window tinting films ready to meet the needs of car owners in the digital era. The film was created specifically for hybrid, electric, and smart cars. The film is heat resistant, UV protected, and energy efficient, which is made by 100% AiCeramic innovation and DigitalBoost technology.

Another unique feature of this series of film filters is their exceptionally high heat protection efficiency. It reduces the load on the car’s air conditioning system and improves battery power efficiency for longer periods of time than ever before. It also improves the speed, smoothness, and stability of in-vehicle digital signals, such as 5G and WiFi, and provides excellent vision at all times and in all weather conditions.

Lamina Digital EV Boost will come with the digital window films that Lamina is currently the market leader. There are 4 series of products on the market which are Lamina Digital Ceramatrix, Lamina Digital CM Icon, Lamina Digital CM One, and Lamina Digital Mystery.

“Lamina Digital Boost technology now supports 5G and WiFi digital connections in all systems, including infotainment and automated driving assistance systems. It also has automatic software and firmware updates while maintaining basic features like heat and UV protection.”

According to Ms. Channapha, the new energy automotive industry trend will be a significant trend in Thailand’s automotive industry. The new energy vehicle market is expected to grow by 100% this year, to around 100,000 units. Furthermore, the pure electric vehicle market may have reached nearly 20,000 vehicles, a trend that is outpacing the overall industry expansion.

It is predicted that the Thai automotive industry will grow by 8-10% in 2022, accounting for 8.4-8.5 million vehicles. If the growth is as expected, the automotive window film business in Thailand should grow as well. The window film market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8%, and Lamina expects revenue to reach 740 million baht in 2022, an increase of 10% over the market.

“It’s not only promotions and products, but Lamina Film is also dedicated to providing the best possible service to its customers. With over 27 years of domestic experience and a nationwide network of over 770 dealers, and product quality guarantee for 7 years, we can build confidence for consumers that they will receive the best service from us.” Ms. Channapa concluded.

There are also numerous promotions available for customers at the event. Those who are interested can visit the Lamina booth (code B2) at Impact Challenger 1, Muang Thong Thani only from March 23 to April 3, 2022. Customers also can make a reservation at as well.

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