The Inevitable Offer From Lexus

Special offers for those who reserve the participating Lexus models at the event and receive the car within the specified period. (Conditions are as specified by the company)

  • Free Gift worth 5,000 baht: a Lexus Amazing Set
  • For customers who reserve a car for these two specific models: IS 300h / UX 250h and RX 300, get free 1-year  first-class insurance.
  • The most special offer to those who are interested in a 3-day trial for the two models of Lexus IS and ES and UX 300e can register through
  • Receive “LEXUS EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE”, a program to extend the warranty period of Lexus cars to 5 years, unlimited mileage with 24-hour emergency assistance service, personal secretary service and free labor and spare parts for maintenance up to 5 years only for the participating models.
  • Confident in every journey with LEXUS EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE

Exclusive for owners of all Lexus models with extended warranty programs that have been designed specifically to suit your usage and help you save costs in the long run.

  • STANDARD covers wages for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers.
  • PLUS covers car maintenance, both labor and spare parts for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers (except for the depreciated parts).
  • PREMIUM covers car maintenance, both labor and spare parts for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers, including the depreciated parts.

To satisfy all lifestyles, for customers who purchase all Lexus models from an authorized Lexus dealers will receive as follows:

  • Get the privilege of being a member of the “Lexus Elite Club” application to facilitate the use of Lexus vehicles such as reminders and appointments for service centers and receive special privileges from leading stores.
  • Worry-free in every journey of a 4-year warranty on the quality of the car and the hybrid system, unlimited mileage, and a 10-year limited mileage warranty on hybrid batteries of all Lexus models. The service from Lexus Service Corner in 15 Toyota authorized service centers with Lexus standards nationwide will also be included.

In addition, to facilitate all customers, we have an “At home service” to deliver customers’ cars to their homes for customers in Bangkok, surrounding areas and for Lexus customers who live in other provinces. In addition to Lexus Service Corner located in 15 in 8 major provinces, we have developed a new service, the “Lexus Home Visit Mobility Unit” that will send technicians with expertise to take care of customers in every province and provide service nationwide, starting this April 2022.

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