BMW C 400 GT

The BMW C 400 GT is a medium-sized scooter that’s ready to be a biker’s favorite for any occasion.

With outstanding performance and design, the spirit of touring motorcycles is uplifting and inspiring Thai riders to enjoy the pleasure and excitement of the ride on the road. The BMW C 400 GT is powered by a single-cylinder engine with a liquid cooling system, delivering a peak power of 25 kW / 34 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 35 Nm at 6,000 rpm. This engine works in conjunction with the CVT transmission and innovative rear-wheel suspension to reduce vibration and enhance comfort during driving. Together with the EU 5 pollution standard certification, the BMW C 400 GT is the ideal scooter to enjoy every ride.

To enhance the maneuverability of the BMW C 400 GT, this engine works in tandem with the E-gas system, or electric throttle with newly developed electric valves and engine control system as well as the changes in a variety of elements. Since the exhaust system has improved efficiency by adjusting the engine control system in neutral gear, it also allows the new scooter to be responsive with every stroke and running smoother when using neutral gear. While the new spring set in the centrifugal clutch system also helps the machine run more stable as well.

Another notable technical change in the new BMW C 400 GT is the enhancement of the Automatic Stability Control (ASC) system, which automatically adjusts itself when necessary, for example, in the event of a tire change. The new ASC is also designed to operate with a lower level of friction than its predecessor. Thus, it was clearly felt that the response was faster and more comfortable while driving. As for the brake system, it comes with new calipers that help the dual disc brake system on the front wheel which is more accurate and able to feel the rhythm of the brake force more clearly. Also, this model has adjusted and improved the movement of the disc brake pistons.

The luggage compartment located under the seat has been redesigned to make it more comfortable. Aside from the 12-Volt power socket, the front storage compartment also comes with a USB charging port (the luggage compartment measures 31 liters, which can be expanded to 45 liters if the Flex Case is attached).

The starting price is at 419,000 baht (including VAT) for Alpine White and 429,000 baht (including VAT) for Blackstorm Metallic.

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