6 Multi-Purpose Vehicles worth visiting at the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show

Due to the additional models of both car and motorcycle exhibiting this year, the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show is considered as a year of special excitement. Many models are launching and showcasing within the event including the electric vehicles that meet the needs of the expensive price of the gasoline era. Now let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and cost-effective in both fuel-powered and electric-powered segments.

All New Toyota Veloz

7-seater Premium Crossover multi-purpose vehicle that comes with a spacious cabin similar to a C-segment car. There are seats that can be adjusted up to 7 types, TFT panel that can be adjusted in 4 ways, audio system, 9-inch touch screen with wireless phone charger, 4 USB ports, up to 15 cup holders, along with the highest safety standards in the car with Toyota Safety Sense or TSS. The driving performance of Veloz is superior too. It is equipped with a new front-wheel drive platform, the Dual VVT-i 1.5-liter engine producing a maximum power output of 106Hp, and the new CVT automatic transmission. The fuel consumption is only 17.9 km per liter.

All New Hyundai Creta

The newest member of Hyundai that comes with distinctive design and unique style. The design of the front grille is called the Parametric Jewel Radiator Grille. It comes with Daytime Running Lights that perfectly blend in with the grille panel. The rear lights and brake lights are designed to look like a boomerang and 17-inch diamond cut alloy wheels are designed to add a touch of sophistication to the model. The interior design is quite unusual with a longitudinal panel connected to the door side panels, illuminated lines in the cabin and a panoramic sunroof. In terms of technology, the model is installed with an 8-inch touch screen, and Android Auto and Apple Car Display support. In terms of power, it is equipped with a 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine, producing a maximum power of 115Hp at 6,300 revs/min, together with the IVT transmission. In addition, the model also comes with 4 driving modes — Eco, Comfort, Sport and Smart, and a button to adjust the drive for snowy, sandy or muddy road conditions.

The New Subaru XV Eyesight

This time, the safety system has been improved with the latest version of Eyesight, which is considered to be the most secure. The latest Eyesight is guaranteed with awards from around the world, it raises the standard for Subaru’s safety to another level. The introduction of EyeSight Driver Assist in the Subaru XV provides the car users access to all four core technologies of Subaru, namely the Boxer engine, symmetrical four-wheel drive system, Eyesight Safety Technology and Subaru Global Platform. The outstanding performance of this model is second to none. Importantly, Eyeight Driver Assist safety technology will help reduce the accident rate by up to 61%.

All New Ford Everest

The All New Ford Everest, a new generation of MPVs that combines adventurous performance with comfort. It comes with various technologies for adventurous, luxurious and fun driving. The interior is also elegant. It comes with a wider wheelbase of 50 millimeters with the option of a 2.0-liter single-turbo diesel engine or twin turbo. Both options work together with a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 10-speed automatic transmission. The screen is a large high-resolution vertical touch screen with digital dashboard, the latest version of the SYNC 4A® communication interface, and a modem installed from the factory which results in easy to connect to the car through the Ford Pass™ application. The model is also equipped with the Active Park Assist 2.0, providing automatic parking in both parallel and reverse parking. The new Adaptive Cruise Control with stop and go helps control the car in the lane with the curb detection system, the steering assist system helps avoid collisions, and the automatic stop system helps the car while reversing. It can be said that the model comes with the best security system in the group.


MG’s popular electric car that comes with upgraded equipment and a design to look like an electric car more than ever which reflects the easier use of electric vehicles than ever before. The model has been improved in every aspect, including outstanding design and performance. It is equipped with a 177Hp motor, 50.3 kW/h battery, providing 403 kilometers distance on a single full charge. The model supports the outdoor lifestyle with V2L (Vehicle to Load) supplying the electricity to electrical devices with a maximum power of 2,200 watts. Moreover, the model is also equipped with completed facilities and safety technology.

It provides the users confidence in every journey with the MG Super Charge network — one of MG’s electric vehicle ecosystems (EV Ecosystem) that supports the journey all across the country. The system is proven from the test of traveling all over the country with a total distance of more than 4,880 kilometers.

The All New Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric

It is one of the electric vehicles from Volvo that most people keep an eye on. The model is built on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform — a special development for compact cars in crossover coupe style by Volvo. The shape of the car perfectly reflects the mood and personality of the driver. It comes with the distinctive Slimmed Crossover Roof Line that was designed to match the low sloping typical shape of a coupe car. The dashed strip tail lights connected to the main light panel behind the car perfectly reflects the blend of modern and classic. The model is equipped with a 4-wheel electric Dual Motor AWD, providing a maximum power of 408Hp at 4,350-13,900rev/min, a torque of 660Nm, and accelerating from 0-100 in just 4.7 seconds. The model also has the ability of more than 500Km driving distance per 1 full charge, and the battery itself also comes with fast charging support, which takes only 37 minutes to charge from 0 – 80%.

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