Suzuki unveils the XL7 two-tone and a packed of campaigns for all models

Mr. Minoru Amano, the President of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, Challenger 1-3, during 23 March – 3 April 2022, is one of the important automobile exhibitions in Thailand. It has played an important role in stimulating the Thai automotive industry to return to normal after facing impacts from many aspects. This year, Suzuki continues to bring all Suzuki cars to the show in the event. It also focuses on offering good quality products to meet the outstanding lifestyles of customers.

This year, Suzuki Motor (Thailand) participated in the exhibition under the concept of “EXPAND YOUR BOUNDARIES”, wanting to communicate to the audience to experience diversity. There are cars from the Suzuki brand that can meet all the needs of customers in each group completely and worthwhile in terms of price and quality. This is in line with the current situation that many people are affected by the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus, so that the normal everyday life has to change. Many people want to go out and open up new perspectives through traveling. In the past, Suzuki has tried to adjust its plans in many areas to support the sale of cars in order to meet the most demanding needs of the customers.

 By participating in this event, Suzuki brings Suzuki’s leading automotive fleet of all models to the exhibition. The highlight will be the reveal of the Suzuki XL7, 7-seater Multi-Dynamic Crossover, a popular family car that comes with a new two-tone style color adding new and different options to life. 

Mr. Minoru Amano added that although the overall automotive industry market situation in the past year has had a difficult trend. With an important strategy of presenting products that are suitable, easily accessible and owned for customers, improving the quality of life to be safe and happy, and demonstrating an effort to offer products and services that respond to customers’ new lifestyles, the sales of Suzuki cars in 2021 have reached 22,378 units. By joining the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show, with many situations starting to have a better direction and the atmosphere that helps stimulate the decision to buy a car during this period of time, Suzuki expects to generate 2,400 reservations at the event in order to meet Suzuki’s total sales target of 30,000 this year.

Mr. Wanlop Trirerkngam, the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that for attending the Bangkok International Motor Show, models of Suzuki cars are ready for all visitors to experience. The highlight of the cars shown here is the Suzuki XL7, a 7-seater Multi-Dynamic Crossover, a family car that recently won the Best Petrol SUV Under 1500CC award at the Car of The Year 2022 event hosted by Grand Prix ​​International Public Company Limited.

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SUZUKI XL7 comes with a new two-tone style color and black roof contrasting with the body color. The model also comes with sporty black side mirrors, a sporty black grille mixed with chrome providing dark and aggressive feeling, LED headlights with adjustable low beam function, Daytime Running Light and front fog lights, and LED taillights and vertical brake lights. XL7 is decorated with a silver bumper, intensity with black wheel arches, 16-inch two-tone aluminum alloy wheels, and roof rails for the utility of carrying more luggage. The starting price of this model is only 789,000 Baht.

Another model that Suzuki would like to present is SUZUKI CARRY, a multi-purpose pickup truck. This time, Suzuki has converted it into a MotorHome, which is currently expanding and growing in the domestic car market in Thailand. With the popularity of consumers during the covid, customers choose to make a Motor Home to go on a trip. Besides, MotorHome is an option to work outside of the workplace in the style of “Work from anywhere”. Moreover, at the same time, consumers are more adapted to start a food truck business, so many people choose to make food trucks with a combination of a motor home as well.

SUZUKI CARRY has a body size that can be modified in a variety of ways. The dimensions of the car are 4,195 mm in length, 1765 mm in width and 1910 mm in height. It made from galvanized steel reinforced sheet, which has anti-rust properties and reduces corrosion. 1,670 mm. width and 2450 mm. length of loading area is also added. The vehicle can be opened on 3 sides for more convenient loading and unloading of luggage, supporting a wide variety of usage with ability to load up to 945 kg. The selling price of this model is only 385,000 Baht.

In addition, there is also SUZUKI SWIFT, a popular sports eco-car of Thailand that continuously holds the number one sales of Suzuki. Aside from outstanding design of the HEARTECT platform — Suzuki’s unique technology that has been developed to reduce vehicle’s weight but maintain strength and increase fuel efficiency qualification, SWIFT is also equipped with engine code K12M — a 1.2-liter DUALJET dual-injection, that helps reduce pollution and save fuel. The starting price of this model is only 557,000 Baht. Within this event, Suzuki has also decorated the model in a special style to provide another option for those who like to stand out and be unique.

SUZUKI CIAZ, an eco-sedan that is perfect in both design and performance. This is another car that can meet the value of use, maintenance and appropriate price matching the current situation. This mode is a considered product that Suzuki has brought to help strengthen the vehicle lineup in the Suzuki eco-car group. The starting price this model is 523,000 Baht.

SUZUKI CELERIO, a compact car that exceeds quality. CELERIO has always been well received model by consumers, especially during the past year. Part of the reason why this model is sold well comes from the quality beyond the body, it has driving performance that is better than expected. For the distance of 20 kilometers, it consumes only a liter of fuel. Besides, it is easy to own with starting prices at 328,000 Baht, alongside special interest rates and comfortable monthly installments starting from only 1,999 Baht per month.

SUZUKI ERTIGA, a 7-seater multi-purpose vehicle, one of the products that has been well received since its introduction to the public. The starting price of this model is only 659,000 Baht.

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