Earn & redeem KTC FOREVER points at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2022

Reserve a car at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2022 » Get special KTC points up to 4,000 points when paying for a car reservation via KTC card according to the conditions
New car reservation payment / sales slip Earn points based on spending
Special points for KTC FOREVER or KTC ROP
5,000 – 49,999 baht 200 points
50,000 – 99,999 baht 2,000 points
100,000 baht and above 4,000 points
  • Register to participate in the program within the transaction date. Please specify registration details according to the specified conditions
  • Earn extra points within 60 days
  • Special points expire within 31 July 2022.
» Redeem, use points to redeem 12% instant discount at Motor show online booth and ROD booth When spending from 1,000 baht or more, customers can use every 1,000 KTC FOREVER points to redeem a 120 baht discount.
  • Limit redemption to a maximum of not more than spending per sales slip.
  • Redeem points for discounts via EDC machines.
  • Participate in this program only for KTC credit cards with KTC FOREVER points.
23 March 2022 – 03 April 2022
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