Honda launches four new motorcycles, an inspiration from brands to lifestyles

Honda motorcycle is launching 4 new models all at once, responding to all different lifestyles, led by All New Click160, AT sports car with a whole new design that comes with the ultimate performance. New Dax125, an Iconic car from CUB House and outstanding with a T-Bone frame. New NT1100 Big Bike Sport Touring that has the latest design. New GOLDWING Black Edition, a top-class touring car that comes with a new aggressive color. All the models are ready to present “Life Creation” products that will make the life of Thai people more comfortable including an exhibition of EV Ecosystem innovations through The Power of Dreamer booth.

Mr. Shigeto Kimura, Chief Executive Officer of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said, “Under the brand concept of “What Stops You?”, Honda believes that there are no limitations to dreams if we act. Big dreams can only be achieved if they are being driven and inspired. Therefore, we strive to continuously develop to create a Mobility World that can perfectly complement the lifestyle of Thai people. This includes future trends that we do not only look at the development of EVs, but also look at the development of the ecosystem or EV Ecosystem that all will be conveyed through the Honda motorcycle’s The Power of Dreamer booth.”

“In this event, we are launching  new cars in all segments, including 4 models, led by All New Click160, a newly developed AT sports car combining the ultimate strength and sophistication, with J-Chanathip Songkrasin, a Thai superstar in the J-League, as a presenter who conveys the DNA of the leader of the crowd. With the New Dax125 that has a special character like no other with a T-Bone frame and two big bikes, consisting of the New NT1100, the latest sports touring model and the New GOLDWING, a special Black Edition touring car with top-class level. In addition to these 4 models, this event will also be the first time that Thai people will be able to experience the real New ADV350, the Premium SUV Bike that is considered the hottest at the moment.”

Meet the new Honda motorcycle with many special promotions from March 23 to April 3 at Impact Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

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