Arun Plus offers the first “EV-verse” experience

PTT Group is ready to drive Thailand towards an EV society by supporting Arun Plus as a leader in energy vehicles of the future, and is ready to open to the “EV-verse” experience for the first time at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2022.

To reinforce our commitment in building energy security for the future, partaking in the development of innovative production, and providing comprehensive EV services in order to support the country’s industrial sector target of low-carbon society under the future of the electric vehicle world that covers every lifestyle concept. Arun Plus brings products and services from subsidiary companies such as Horizon+, EVme on-ion, and Swap & Go to exhibit in the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show, at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani during 23 March – 3 April, 2022.

Adjunct Professor Dr. Tossaporn Sirisamphan, the Chairman of PTT Public Company Limited, together with Mr. Atthapol Rerkpiboon, the Chief Executive Officer and the President of PTT Public Company Limited, attended the opening ceremony of the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show and opened Arun Plus booth at Challenger 1-3 Building, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, where PTT Group by Arun Plus Company joined to showcase EV Flagship products and services such as Horizon+, EVme on-ion, and Swap & Go. The products and services that respond to EV lifestyles in all dimensions, such as MIH Platform technology or Open EV Platform — the flexible suspension structure of the vehicle that can be assembled into various types of EV suspensions, battery swap station for electric motorcycles without waiting for charging, EV Charger, and complete EV service on digital platform, together with the innovations in energy storage systems in the battery business chain. All are exhibited to allow customers and interested parties to experience the innovation of modern electric vehicles before anyone else.

Mr. Atthapol Rerkpiboon, the Chief Executive Officer and the President of PTT Public Company Limited, revealed that PTT Group is ready to move forward in the EV Value Chain business by collaborating with leading business partners to be an important part in developing a complete EV ecosystem in Thailand. This participation in the product exhibition and services at this national automotive exhibition confirms that PTT Group remains committed to doing business for the country’s energy security. Besides, it will be an important step in driving investment in future energy innovations in all dimensions, including the development of the EV platform, the infrastructure, and integrated services that have already begun to operate previously to support the country’s industrial sector target. The continued search for the new technologies and innovations will help complete Thailand’s EV ecosystem to be more complete and will drive the country towards a low-carbon society target as according to the vision “Powering Life with Future Energy and Beyond” to drive every life. With the power of the future along with the entering into new business with high potential according to the world direction, it will sustainably develop the quality of society, community and life of Thai people together.

The Highlight of the electric vehicles by PTT Group at the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show

Horizon+ Towards EVery Possibility

Horizon+ is a manufacturer and assembler of a new type of fully integrated electric vehicle with MIH platform technology or Open EV Platform, a highly flexible electric car suspension that can be customized to fit many types of cars. This technology can help car brands reduce costs, and shorten development, as well as production time for each model. Meanwhile, it also provides customers the car that is efficient at an affordable price. Horizon+ exhibits the Foxtron Model C, a 7-seater crossover with a maximum power of 400 Hp, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, and a range of 700 km. per charge, together with Foxtron Model E, a model with maximum power of 750 Hp, acceleration 0-100 km/h within 2.8 seconds, and a range of 750 km. per charge. Both vehicles are an EV car that was developed with MIH Platform as base.

On-ion Towards EVerywhere

On-ion is a service provider of charging stations for electric vehicles (EV Charger) that are expanding their network to potential areas outside the service stations, such as shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, restaurants, and etc., to cover the entire country and to support the growth of the domestic electric vehicle market. On-ion also provides an EV Charger installation service at the residence to meet the needs of all types of electric vehicle users, furthermore, there is a special discount for those who order EV Charger at the event only as well.

Swap & Go Towards EVery Ride

Swap & Go is a service provider of battery swapping service business platform for electric motorcycles without waiting for charging. A business model developed for every lifestyle, especially the rider in the delivery business. Service is easy to use through the “Swap & Go” application that connects to electric motorcycles. To swap out the old battery with the new ready to use one in the self-charging cabinet requires only less than 3 minutes. The showcasing battery cabinet and switchable electric motor are powered by a high-performance lithium battery. It is outstanding in both design and driving performance

EVme Towards EVery Lifestyle

EVme is a platform that allows users to have a fully integrated EV ownership experience. It is the the first and the only service provider in term of subscription through an application in Thailand, making the use of the EV as easy as a touch of a finger. Users can choose to use EV cars from leading brands that have a variety of models to choose from. Just download the application, select a car model, and press reserve. Just like this, customers can wait to pick up the car at the front of the house. Special privileges are waiting at the event. For the customers who purchased the E-voucher through the EVme application will receive additional discount coupons and NFT exclusives for EVme customers only.

G-Box for Residential Products

It is a residential energy storage system under the brand G-Cell, developed by NUOVO PLUS — a collaboration between ARUN PLUS and GPSC. It can be used in conjunction with a Solar Cell system to store the daytime solar energy in the battery and charge into vehicle at night. Users can control and command various operations through the smartphone system in order to optimize the use of electricity in the residence perfectly

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