Yamaha announces the real leadership in the innovation and technology of the motorcycle industry

Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. stepped up to be a leader in innovation and technology with the strong image of a long-term vision to 2030, “Art of Human Possibilities” creative power to meet every lifestyle of customers, and “Yamaha Motoverse” — the kingdom of the motorcycle excitement to the society of the future concept to create a futuristic experience under the concept of.

Yamaha presents 6 new innovative EV models and 1 special edition at the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show. The models are Yamaha E01 — an electric scooter prototype, Yamaha New Tracer9 GT — a Sport Touring model, Yamaha New XSR700 and Yamaha New XSR900 innovative EV — a Sport Heritage models, Yamaha New MT-09 and Yamaha New MT-09 SP — the Naked models, Yamaha New TMAX 560 TECH MAX — a Sport Scooter, Yamaha New XMAX300 SP — a Special Edition model, and last but not the least, All New Yamaha R15 Connected and All New Yamaha R15M Connected -ABS — a sport racing flagship models that Yamaha occupies the No. 1 market share.

Mr. Tatsuya Nozaki, the Executive Chairman of Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., spoke about the concept of the Yamaha booth this year, “The spread of COVID-19 for these couple of years drove the change society into the era of using the faster technology. Yamaha remains with the commitment of building a strong brand under the concept “Bond – ​​Ties to New Era”. With the values ​​that exceed customer expectations in terms of innovation, we will continue to create exciting experiences and new innovations that meet the needs of customers both now and in the future. By creating value through differentiated experiences, Yamaha will offer products and services that deliver both confidence and create confidence and exciting experiences together. 

This year’s concept of Yamaha booth is “Yamaha Motoverse” — the kingdom of motorcycle excitement to the society of the future, the unique kingdom that reflects the modernity of driving of the future. With technology from various perspectives to meet every lifestyle of driving, Yamaha will definitely create an excitement and will definitely be able to supply all the needs for customers.”

Mr. Pongsatorn Euamongkolchai, the Executive Vice President of Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., revealed the details and the introduction of Yamaha motorcycles in “Yamaha Motoverse” booth that “this year, Yamaha focuses on the development of the brand image through the KANDO philosophy, we continue to penetrate the market and create Yamaha Lifetime Customers. In terms of developing new technologies, Yamaha launches the first hybrid motorcycle model in the Grand Filano Hybrid line, resulting in a nationwide popular model. In terms of the latest technology, Y-Connect is the first application for smart life in Thailand that provides more convenient lives to customers. Yamaha also creates new segments to the motorcycle market, such as the Sporty segment with the R Series that still dominates as the No. 1 racing line in the 150CC class, the Heritage segment with the XSR155 that reinforces the decorating trends to high popular level, and the MAX Series segment with XMAX model — the popular model that have been sold more than 80,000 units in Thailand and the number 1 sales in the world.”

Inside the “Yamaha Motoverse” booth, there is a 3D screen presenting the latest futuristic and exciting experience to the audience on the largest motorcycle exhibiting area of ​​1,000 square meters for the first time in the Bangkok International Motor Show. This year, Yamaha also introduces a wide range of products in order to reach all the needs of customers and create a stronger brand image.

In addition, this year, there is also a special event from one of Yamaha Motoverse Idols — Wunni, the first Virtual Human Influencer in the automotive industry. This truly reflects Yamaha’s leadership in innovation and technology. The “Yamaha Motoverse” booth also features a Leisure Zone, watercraft vehicles and golf carts, as well as Yamaha Apparel & Accessories and Yamalube for all visitors to choose with a discount up to 40% and many special promotions. 

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